Happy February, Vancouver!

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February had a proper welcome in Vancouver with some much-needed sunshine! It’s not very often that the sun comes out and I’m off work at the same time, so I seized the opportunity to get out in that gorgeous light.

I spent Saturday morning saying goodbye to a few dear friends that were staying with me, and then running some of the regular weekend errands. Luckily, I was still able to catch the sunlight, pop in some music (Led Zeppelin (1) has been my go-to) and go out for a walk.

I headed out to Coal Harbour and walked along the seawall to Stanley Park. I need these moments every so often to just be by myself and regroup; be in the moment, watch the (sometimes gross-looking) seagulls, smell the salty air, and observe the people around me.

I quite enjoyed myself, drinking a coffee, eating a chocolate chip cookie, and reading the dedication plaques on the park benches (one of my favourite things to do), but then my phone died and I couldn’t remember exactly where I had parked my car (it was saved in my phone!). I ended up adding an extra 20ish minutes to my walk, wandering around the streets of the city trying to jog my memory! I had a bit of a laugh to myself, as no matter how small of an adventure I go on, there’s always some sort of misadventure.

It was a good way to start the month. Hopefully the rest of it is full of this sunny weather!

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