My second light display stop was at Lafarge Lake in Coquitlam. Miranda and I headed out to the lake on a Tuesday after we were finished work. This display is also free to walk through. There were speakers along the trail playing some upbeat Christmas jingles.

There were a lot of young families walking around the lake. Seeing so many children and couples made it feel that much more festive to me, as I believe that the best part of this season is being with family and loved ones (especially little nieces and nephews!).

The display at Lafarge Lake had a very fairyland-esque theme.

It’s really difficult to capture these gorgeous lights and do them justice!

BRB. Running off to Swan Lake.

One of my favourite displays was this dining-room scene. There was a blanket of lights as the table cloth, and a fairytale-like chandelier hanging above.

The lake was an easy distance to go around, and to be honest, I was so mesmerized by all of the lights I didn’t keep track of the amount of time it took to circle the lake!

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