Lights Series: Burnaby Village Museum

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This December I wanted to savour the spirit of the season and truly experience as much of a Vancouver Christmas as I could while balancing my work schedule. The #1 way I’ve accomplished this is by visiting a festive-light display every week before Christmas! I decided to do each of the three displays I visited as different posts in a series, as I was pretty camera-happy at each place and I don’t want to crowd up one post with literally a million and seven photos. So this post is an ode to the Burnaby Village Museum light display.

The first week of December my friend Miranda and I headed to the Burnaby Village Museum. It’s free to enter and the old-timey feel of the restored early-20th century village with intricate Christmas lights and creative designs made it a very unique experience.

I am a sucker for history and I had great time wandering around and reading the plaques on the buildings. There were plenty of exhibits to explore (the houses are my favourite to look through!).

Just hanging out in the old post office, admiring(?) this very British Christmas tree.

In my opinion, the best part of the light display at the museum was the gorgeously lit gazebo.

It was raining down on us the entire time, but that is to be expected here in Vancouver, and I am learning to love it.

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