Miranda and I had tickets to visit the Abbotsford Tulip Festival on April 26th. Alas, an unfortunate weather situation (hail) forced the event to shut down for the day, and we were notified that we could use the tickets we had purchased the following day. Unfortunately Abbotsford is a bit of a drive from Vancouver and we weren’t keen on driving all the way back to Vancouver and then back to Abbotsford the next morning- 1. ain’t nobody got time for that and 2. if you aren’t aware, gas out here is expenssssivveeee. So with those two important factors in mind, we devised a new plan.

My friend Bryan was planning on joining us for the Tulip Festival, so we had to call him and deliver the bad news. We all decided to take the day in another direction and do the Teapot Hill hike in Chilliwack instead, which wasn’t too far away from the Tulip Festival. (See recap here).

After Teapot Hill, Miranda and I had some big decisions to make: were we going to stay overnight in Chilliwack and hit up the tulip festival the next morning? Or head back to the city that night?

Judging by the fact that you are reading a blog post about the tulip fields, you may have gathered that we decided on the first option. We went out for dinner at White Spot- which apparently is a big thing in BC, and then we stopped at a Walmart to get a phone charger, snacks, and as luck (?) would have it, we ended up buying matching jumpsuits because they were cheap as f*** and the comfiness appealed to our needs. We also needed to wear different outfits the next day at the tulip festival (of course…) because other than just enjoying the gorgeous fields, we were wanting some sweet content for the ‘gram as well.

So we finished gathering our supplies at Walmart, and then headed to Miranda’s mom’s place to settle down for the night. We had a great time hanging with our favourite boys aka the kitties (Alfie and Kip- I see you), and catching up with Heather, who I have since dubbed as my BC mom.

The next morning we got up bright and early so we could visit the tulip field while the sun was in prime location. It wasn’t very busy so early in the morning, and the weather was gorgeous.

How to be a Poser in a Tulip Field 101

There were hundreds of different kinds and colours of tulips. It was such a happy place to be!

The entire place was pure eye-candy. There is so much to see and the field is big enough that you could walk for hours if you walked slow enough to admire all of the different types of flowers.

After spending the morning in this pure paradise of a place, we headed back to the city. It was 100000005% worth the wait and the change of plans.

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