My friend Miranda and I had been planning to go to the Abbotsford Tulip Festival for over a month… we bought our tickets, had the weekend marked in, and headed out on April 27th to Abbotsford. When we arrived at the tulip fields, an employee directing cars in the parking lot informed us that the festival was closed for the day as they had a hail storm that morning and were now in the process of cleaning up the fields; oh how great was our dismay! So many dreams of Holland-esque feels and picture perfect moments went spiraling down the drain…

We were wearing spring dresses and had dolled ourselves up to fit in with the aesthetic of the flowers (aka for the ‘gram, BUT more importantly: for the mems!). So here we were, in our cute lil’ dresses, lipstick in tact, trying to decide what to do… Miranda suggested we go out to Cultus Lake near Chilliwack. My friend Bryan was planning on meeting us at the Tulip Festival, so I called him with the update that we were now meeting at Cultus Lake Park, and we had decided to do a little hike – Teapot Hill.

Miranda and I tried to find a place to park near Teapot Hill. We pulled over a few times and we used these quick stops as fun photo opportunities!

We met up with Bry and then headed up the trail! Who knew that Teapot Hill is actually the most adorable little hike ever? I mean, I suppose a lot of people do know this…but I didn’t! The whole trail is lush and everything is green and mossy (you know how much I am obsessed with moss!). What I wasn’t aware of is that there are ACTUAL teapots hidden along the trail! It’s kinda funny, ’cause I was just telling Miranda and Bryan it would be so cool if people brought up teapots and hid them in the trees, kind of like an Easter egg hunt! Little did I know, that that IS what people do. Not long after I made this comment, we started seeing teapots scattered throughout the forest; in the trees, by the roots, in the bushes, etc. Hmmm….one step behind…

Keep in mind that Miranda and I were both in dresses and dressy-ish boots, and Bryan was also dressed up for a wedding he was attending later that day. So probably not the most appropriate hiking gear, but it ended up being perfect, not only for the awesome photos we captured, but because it felt like a sweet little impromptu tea party; us all dressed in our fancy schmancy clothes and whatnot.

We started the hike at a perfect time…we hit it as the sun was going down and the golden light was spreading through the moss-covered trees.

There was a boulder that had many wannabe inuksuks stacked on top of it, and Bryan took the opportunity to build a proper one.

See! The perfect inuksuk

Streams of water trickle throughout the entire forest. It truly feels like a fairyland.

That lighting 😍😎😍
Here lies the first teapot we noticed
Pretending to drink tea out of what is clearly a creamer and not a teacup…
Eye Candy. All of it.
Bry & I

Teapot Hill is a fairly easy hike, but it still burned my calves a little, and my feet would’ve been grateful for some decent shoes! It was the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon. I highly recommend this trail to everyone out there!

My camera’s focus was off a bit in this picture, but I absolutely love how unique and artsy the photo turned out
So serious.

I am determined to go back and do this hike again; many more times! The next time I go to Cultus Lake Park and hit up Teapot Hill, I will remember to bring a teapot I can hide, I will take more time to explore the area and hunt for tea sets, hmmm… maybe bring little finger sandwiches along too?

I noticed after we finished the hike that Miranda and Bryan were matching! Who doesn’t love lilac?!

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