Spring really “sprung” in Vancouver, and it was a gorgeous experience (I say “was” because even though it is technically still spring, the weather has been so nice it feels like summer already). At the end of March the entire city encapsulated its population with shades of pink.

Blossoms bloomed all over the city; my friend Miranda and I took advantage of this one overcast Sunday morning. We grabbed ourselves some tea and walked through Yaletown. We checked out the art display of pink parasols hanging over the street, and then headed for the Seawall.

The Seawall was lined with blossoming trees, that had carpets of fallen petals surrounding them.

Being able to witness this gorgeous city take on such breathtaking natural beauty was a real treat!

I had seen the beginnings of the pink trees popping up on my commute to work, and had tried to quickly capture pictures of them through the window of my vehicle, but it was nearly impossible to get a good shot. As Miranda and I walked along the Seawall, it was very satisfying to be able to fully enjoy the spring scenery.

A couple weeks after these trees (anyone know the name?) had bloomed, all of the cherry trees exploded with flowers… my one regret is that I never got a shot of them…oh well, until next spring, Vancouver!

***Theme song for this gorgeous day: “Think Pink” from the musical Funny Face. ***

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