In the beginning of May 2019 the West Coast was spoiled with gorgeous weather, which called for a trip out to Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park for a weekend of hiking!

My buddy, A, and I headed out to Lindeman Lake on Sunday morning. A brought his 70 L pack along so we could train for some backpacking!

Every step of this hike is absolutely gorgeous. It is a fairly moderate hike to Lindeman Lake, and only 1.5 kilometers from the trail head. It’s a small distance with a great reward.

I love exploring the forests in British Columbia and comparing the flora to the Rockies’ in Alberta. The trees, bushes, moss, ferns…all so beautifully different than what I’m used to.

The weather was perfect, and the light was pushing through the leaves around us, making the greens appear even greener…

The original plan was to camp out at Greendrop Lake the night before, but when we had arrived at the trail head that evening (I had worked during the day and we left straight after) we met some hikers who told us that all of the tent pads were practically taken. We decided to camp out at a nearby site instead of risking hiking to the top and then having to turn around in the dark.

One of my favourite pictures from that day. I was really flexing my new phone camera 😉

There are quite a few tent pads, and if you plan a little more ahead than we did you should be able to camp out at either Lindeman Lake, or at Greendrop Lake. I’m planning on going back next summer and camping at Greendrop, as it’s not too long or too crazy of a hike, so it is great for beginner backpackers like me.

In no time we reached Lindeman Lake. The water was a mix of green and turquoise, and it’s surrounded by small mountains. I used this opportunity to take a break and pull out my binoculars that my parents had gifted me for my birthday the year before. I always hope that I’ll catch a glimpse of a cool and fierce woodland creature, but typically my eyes just meet birds, trees, and rocks; at least those are still fun to look at!

We walked around the lake, still debating if we wanted to chill at Lindeman or carry on to Greendrop Lake.

We decided 4 km wasn’t so bad, and we both were still full of energy so we carried on! I’m really glad we did, because the hike from Lindeman Lake to Greendrop Lake was one of my favourite bits of trail that I’ve ever been on!

When I’m hiking my mind usually wanders off to a video game, and this hike was giving me some serious Tomb Raider vibes. There were a lot of a fun obstacles on the trail, such as boulder fields, little creeks with stepping stones, and the whole area had a very jungle feel. If only there were hanging vines we could swing from… then it would have been the perfect adventure ;).

This ledge was perfectly flat; it’d be ideal for a bonfire or even pitching a tent…though you aren’t supposed to tent outside the designated tenting lots. I climbed up onto it and checked out the rocks above. I’m still very much a beginner with rock climbing, but I couldn’t help but look for holds and think about how perfect this wall would be for an easy and fun climb.

There were a few streams running across the trail that we had to wade through, some had wooden planks and rocks set out to help with the cross. I personally love getting my boots wet and muddy. It makes me feel a bit more hardcore…

The trail to Greendrop Lake also reminded me of the P.C. game Barbie Explorer; my sisters and I got the game from a cereal box when we were children, and in our opinions, it was a very good…I don’t know if that was because it was actually decent, we didn’t have a lot of games to compare it to, or we were biased because Barbie was on ongoing obsession between all of us.

The boulder fields seemed to last forever, but I believe at that point the hunger was just getting to me. We were snacking along the way, but I like to have my full lunch when I reach my destination!

There was a little bit of snow near the top of the trail, but I wasn’t complaining! Snow adds its own type of beauty, and in the mountains you can find traces of snow at all times of the year. It made my heart a little happy though, as it reminded me that back home in Alberta I’d barely have any shoulder-season hiking options as it takes a lot longer for the snow to clear enough for the paths to even be accessible.

Greendrop Lake didn’t take my breath away quite like Lindeman Lake, but it was still beautiful to see, and the fun, adventurous trail made it so worth it!

There was a cute little purple butterfly fluttering around us at the lake, and I tried my luck at getting it to crawl onto my finger…which it did, and that alone would have made my day!

A bit of an obstacle-y part of the trail back We had to climb over some fallen trees.

I carried the backpack down the mountain, as I too needed some backpacking training! It made the obstacles more challenging, which was all the more fun!

A pointed out the difference in the bark of these two trees. What a beautiful contrast! I had to capture it.
This tree seemed perfectly fit for a little gnome home! When I was a kid I’d make little fairy houses in the corners of tree roots, with moss and rocks; I could really up my game with this one!
More water, more green!

I’m really happy we did both lakes, and to any of my adventure buddies, I recommend doing the same, as that stretch of trail from Lindeman Lake to Greendrop Lake really made the experience so much more fun.

There are so many gorgeous places to go hiking in B.C., which gives me tons of options, but I’d definitely want to come back out to Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park and soak up the other hikes it has to offer!

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