Spring has made itself known here in British Columbia, and it sure has been encouraging me to get back outside, and back to blogging! Lately I’ve been writing for a few more serious personal projects, so unfortunately my passion for the outdoors and fun-blog-writing was put on a pause…. annnnndddd now we’re back!

The sun-shiney weather has been making for equally sun-shiney feelings, and plans are now coming together for some outdoor fun. First off the list was the Quarry Rock hike in Deep Cove.

I headed out Sunday morning with my friends Reshma and Shifa. Reshma had chosen Quarry Rock because of the scenic views, and it rated relatively easy, which was perfect for the first hike of the season. I always get happy-dancey when I head out to go hiking; why? FREEDOM. Also, 2.3 x 10^17 other reasons… (physics has been on the brain….therefore we will all take a moment to enjoy scientific notation). Here I was, already happy-dancing at the THOUGHT of being outside, and then… BAM! We reached Deep Cove. I need at least 4 heart-eye emojis to fully express my enthusiasm for this beautiful place: 😍😍😍😍.

When we reached Deep Cove we popped by Bluehouse Market & Cafe and grabbed a bit of breakfast and some tea (I was in dire need of caffeine, as I had stayed up late the night before watching Sweeney Todd with a friend… and yes, this is clearly an important part of the story…). If you like cute, locally-owned mountain cafes, that serve only organic, delicious and creative food options, have homemade kombucha on tap, and fun artwork on display and for sale, you should add Bluehouse to your to-do list when visiting Deep Cove!

Quick tip for anyone planning on doing the Quarry Rock hike: get there early! The area was already bustling with people when we arrived around 10:30 am, and it was quite difficult to find a parking spot.

The trail serves a lovely combination of boardwalk, stone, and dirt paths. It is a fairly easy-moderate hike, with enough uphill to give your hamstrings a little tug if you haven’t been doing your stretches lately (*cough*cough* me*).

We chose the perfect day to get outside; the sun was so delicately pushing through the trees, offering breathtaking lighting that intensified every bit of green along the way…

One of the first things I noticed when hiking B.C.’s West coast was that the flora is so different from the plant life back home in Alberta! Alberta’s forests are certainly beautiful, but gooooodness gracious, the FERNS here! Oh, how I love a good fern!

“I just have to hug it,” Resh said when she saw this tree, right before she wrapped her arms around it.

Now prepare yourself for an overwhelming amount of gorgeously-lit pictures, ’cause like I said, the sun was shining perfectly! I took many opportunities to try out my new camera… I always say that photos never do the mountains justice, but this camera is a hell of a lot closer at delivering the full-on beauty of it all than my old one!!

A bonus of the Quarry Rock hike is that it includes numerous wooden bridges for your adventure-heart’s delight!

For the majority hike we were walking between groups of people, so it was nice to veer off the trail for a few minutes. We found some good-looking rocks and sat down to eat our leftover breakfast.

By the time we reached the last bridge, the blue ocean water could be seen through the trees.

After crossing the bridge we came upon this huge boulder, which is, you guessed it, Quarry Rock! Once we got to the top of the rock it was easy to see why this hike is so popular – the views are drop-dead, take-your-breath-away gorgeous. I WISH that I had some magical portal for you all to dive into so you could have the full effect of this place, but these photos will have to do for now…

Of course, I had some fun playing with my camera…I love this shot I captured of Shifa!

There were so many people at the top that it made it really hard to get decent photos… so we had to be creative. We ended up leaving with some pretty nice pictures.

Reshma and Shifa found the perfect ledge to enjoy the views.

I have become a little obsessed with the ocean since I’ve been here, and being able to see it from this lookout was a real treat. I wish the photos could have shown all of the little sailboats in the distance…

Here’s a picture to give you an idea of how crowded it was up there! It reminds me of a hike back home called Bears Hump, that is always (was always, I should say, as a forest fire took out the trail a couple years ago… 😦 ) full of tourists and people who want a little hike that offers big rewards (scenery = the reward(s)).

As we were heading back down, we decided to find alternate routes, and came upon this beautiful little spot that had electric lines stretching across to the other side of the water.

After we were finished the hike, we headed back to the Bluehouse Cafe and shared a slice of carrot cake. During our first stop at the Cafe, I had noticed postcards for sale with designs of the local landscapes, by artist Anja Jane. Now on our second round there, I decided that I would purchase a few for myself, as I love writing letters/cards, and don’t do it enough. I also have a soft spot in my heart for supporting local artists.

Even a short hike can take it out of me, and I was beat for the rest of the evening. At home I took some time to sit on my balcony and fill out the postcards to send to a few close friends. It was the perfect way to finish off my experience in Deep Cove.

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