In September 2018 I was going to school in Kelowna, BC. Ever since I got out there I had wanted to check out Kangaroo Creek Farm in Lake Country. I couldn’t believe that there was a place right here in BC that breeds Kangaroos! I had always wanted to see one in person, but I expected that I’d have to travel thousands of miles to Australia to have this experience.

One Saturday morning I headed out to Kangaroo Creek Farm with two of my friends from school, Aliya and Hannah. We had a lot of fun being introduced to all of the different animals. They have kangaroos, wallabies, capybaras, chickens, sugar-gliders, and more friendly creatures to admire.

My favourite part was being able to hold and bottle-feed a baby wallaby! It was great fun!

Cool chicken, with extra fluffy feathers
Two kangaroos chillin the way kangaroos do

It was a nice little adventure, with the only downside of it being that a bird pooped on my shoulder…which was the only time that’s ever happened to me!

Aliya feeding the wallabies

You can easily spend a couple hours at this farm, and if you have children, this place is sure to keep them entertained for an afternoon. Totally worth the price to get in – $10.00/person if I remember correctly.

Hopefully the next time I see one of these gorgeous creatures will be in their native land. I’ve always wanted to visit Australia! Maybe one day there will be another blog post up here about me visiting that lovely country, but these Kangaroos in Canada will hold me over until then.

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