I moved to the Okanagan Valley 6 days ago. My experience has been amazing so far. Starting a new life is bound to have its challenges, but even 6 days proved to me that this choice is paying off big time. I could talk forever about the positives, yet I’ll only talk about one for now- a new hobby- rock climbing!

I’ve been staying at my cousin’s place in Penticton, and will be kicking around until I move into my own place. Luckily, Daylen, my cousin, is super chill and has many similar interests to me. He just started rock climbing, and it didn’t take much to convince me to join in. I’ve wanted to get into climbing for a long time, but never had the right people, gear, or confidence to do it. I have to admit, it is a lot harder than I expected! It’s a workout and a puzzle, but learning how to properly distribute my weight, especially to my toes, has been so hard! Also, trusting I can support myself with only two toes, and a few fingers… wow! It is definitely a mind-game. There is a lot to learn, and I’m just at the very tip right now, but I love a good challenge and I’m excited to see the progress I’ll make.

My first day here we did some indoor bouldering, to get a feel for how things work. The next day we went out to Skaha Bluffs, to “Daycare” and tried a 5.9… Okay! It is definitely more difficult than I thought… I was very nervous, and I couldn’t get out of my head… I made it just over halfway. Today we went back out to Skaha and tried another route. Daylen started teaching me how to belay, and while practicing, we met another couple of climbers wanting to join in! It was great getting to know Jana and Sebastian, who are from Germany and currently travelling the world. I love meeting people – especially those who are obviously living their best life!

Jana is more experienced with belaying, so she took over and Daylen did the lead climb. We then took turns up a grade 5.8 wall. I was already doing so much better than the other day… making it pretty well to the top – I can’t completely claim that though, because Daylen did lift me over the majority of the crux… still, I’m so proud of myself!

Now that the taste is in my mouth I just want to get back out there! I have a lot of research to do and a lot to learn… so I better get to it!!




with Sebastian, Daylen, and Jana


Sebastian made it look too easy!



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