The feeling I get from exploring outside is like the magic of childhood; think about it: discovery, obliviousness to time, appreciation for the details in the environment, etc.  No matter how long I’m outdoors, I always crave more. I call this desire the “outdoor bug”, you know, like the “travel bug”**.

Every adventure, big or small, lifts me up into my own perfect world.  This blog is a new adventure,  one that seems a little scary, but  the scariest steps give the greatest rewards.  I’ve had so many great experiences, and am looking forward to many more. Writing maraoutside gives me an outlet for sharing my stories, and a way to have a little fun!

**Let’s just point out how fun that little idiom is…I can’t help but picture a somewhat-cute microscopic fella, who is probably wearing a Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses, going around and biting us unassuming hosts; the purpose being that he (the bug) is trying to hitch a ride to Bali, or the Rockies, or wherever that itch seems to be telling you that you HAVE to go.

Photo: I found this rock at the river-bottom, and loved the designs- I had to capture it. 

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